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by Judge Anna Von Reitz from Facebook post 1/28/2016

Every time you incorporate anything you take off the land and out from under the Law of the Land --including the Constitution-- and place it in the international jurisdiction of the sea and under the Law of the Sea.

The perpetrators responsible for the mess this country is in incorporated the federal governmental services corporation doing business as The United States of America (Inc.) in 1868 and began using it as a false front for racketeering. By 1965 all the unincorporated State governments had been seduced by bribery and promises of “federal revenue sharing” --- that is, kickbacks from federal corporate racketeering---to incorporate as federal municipal franchises. The counties then followed suit to get their share of the loot.

This is why when you are “presumed” to “reside” in these counties and States you can’t access the Law of the Land, can’t access the protections and guarantees of the Constitution, and can’t access the Common Law.

This is also why Common Law disappeared from the courts and the reason that the Constitution and the other Organic Laws are not being enforced.

Once the main governmental services corporation was set up and all their “State” and “County” franchises were established, everyone whose job it was to enforce the Organic and Public Laws of this country were “re-tasked” like flipping a switch to enforce the private statutory law and Public Policies of the corporations responsible for this travesty instead.

This doesn’t mean that our Organic Law including our Constitution disappeared, nor our Public Law embodied by the United States Statutes-at-Large, either--- it just means that all the people you hired and paid and relied upon to uphold and enforce the actual law of this country were instead commandeered to do the petty bidding of corporate managers and kept busy enforcing private corporate statutes and codes and regulations instead.

Instead of representing you and your best interests, all the people you elected for that purpose were tasked to benefit and act in the best interests of the governmental services corporation and all its “State” and “County” franchises instead. This is why government has just continued to get richer and more powerful and more out of control while you have been harassed and defrauded and this entire country has been run as a den of thieves for a hundred years.

This change of government from national to international status changes your “presumed” political status from that of one of the “free, sovereign and independent people” to that of a “person”--- an incorporated entity and vessel in commerce.

FDR created millions of Foreign Situs Trusts merely named after living Americans and named these incorporated “persons” as sureties for the debts of the bankrupt United States of America, Inc.. Your name was thus “enfranchised” – like a Dairy Queen franchise – presumed to belong as an asset to a bankrupt parent corporation and also presumed to be standing good for its debts. This “public trust” was named after you using the same name you were taught to use in school and which appears on all your various records, so that there was no way to distinguish between the “public trust person” and the “private natural person”.

It was then easy for the criminals to address bills actually owed by the “public trust” they named after you-- to you, and force you to pay those bills “as if” they were your bills.

It’s an odd combination of identity theft, credit fraud, mail fraud, and constructive fraud practiced on an unimaginably large and institutionalized scale.

After that, the International Monetary Fund took over the governmental services contract and began operating the UNITED STATES (INC.) and its STATE OF WYOMING and similar municipal franchises. They, too, set up “individual franchises” named after you. These were set up as Cestui Que Vie Trusts operated under your given name styled in ALL CAPS like this: SUSAN MARIE JEFFORDS. All these trusts were “born” on the land, but then “removed” to Puerto Rico--- as if you were a snowbird who moved there for fun. This brought this “PUBLIC TRUST” under the foreign Territorial Law of Puerto Rico.

The monsters were thus enabled to send bills to “Susan Marie Jeffords” and to “SUSAN MARIE JEFFORDS” and poor old Sue back home kept paying them, faithfully, or she got thrown into court and harassed and fined and sentenced to jail time for failure to do so.

They were also able to invoke administrative law by pretending that the victim was one of their franchise owners, or Territorial Law by pretending that the victim was living in Puerto Rico.

Just this past March the UNITED STATES (INC.) went insolvent, and right on time, Barack Hussein Obama announced that a whole new tribe of public franchises named after living Americans was to be created. This time, they named Puerto Rican public transmitting utilities after you, resulting in names that are still styled in ALL CAPS, but only using middle initials, like this: SUSAN M. JEFFORDS.

This is what is known as a “non-specific name”--- because nobody knows what the “M” stands for and therefore, nobody can know for sure who is being addressed. Is it Susan Marie Jeffords? Susan Marylynn Jeffords? Susan Margaret Jeffords?

Meanwhile the innocent victim of all this corporate legal chicanery labors on, paying every bill that comes in the mail. And the vicious racketeers responsible for this keep churning out more “laws” for her to obey and racking up more and more debt against her credit and her assets.

Now that you all have a bird’s-eye view of how this has been accomplished and you are rightfully ready to take action in your own behalf, there are a number of things you can do.

First and foremost you can share this information with all the people responsible for this circumstance---- the members of “Congress”, the “State” legislators, the “County” and “Borough” officials, the local “City Council” and “Assembly” members, the members of the Bar Associations, the local and state and federal police, the FBI, the DHS, and military--- everyone who is at fault for letting this happen in the first place and for continuing to perpetuate it.

This is NOT the government you are OWED and which you PAID for.
Now that you know what happened, how it was done, and who is at fault, it is up to you and your friends and neighbors---including every honest man or woman involved at any level of the present “government”--- to correct it.

Let’s all note that once this circumstance is fully understood by enough Americans, nobody will want to be associated in any way with the criminality and ugliness of the past and its swindles. It will no longer be fashionable in the Beltway to refer to us as “livestock”.

So, second, your next task is to reorganize things for your benefit. Send the U.S. Secretary of State and the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury a Registered Letter autographed and thumb-printed by you informing both of them that you are expatriating to your birthright political status and require them to discharge any liens, mortgages, titles held under color of law, or other outstanding debts being held or accrued under your given name. Also ask them to unblock your accounts, deliver an account statement, correct their records, and provide an appropriate and truthful international passport for your use.

Third, get busy reorganizing your local county government as an unincorporated Body Politic on the land. Your first step is to call public meetings, explain the problem, hold elections, fill the vacant public offices, and begin enforcing the Organic and Public Laws of this country again. At a minimum you will want to elect a county land recorder, public notaries, justices of the peace, judges at Common Law, court clerk, bailiff, coroner, and most important, the County Sheriff on the Land. Once elected and properly installed in his rightful Public Office, the Sheriff is enabled to deputize as many able-bodied men as needed to ensure enforcement.

Just as you can’t force the rats to immediately dissolve their incorporated “States” and “Counties”, they can’t deny or impede your right to exercise the jurisdiction of the land and the Public Offices you are owed.

The County Sheriffs operating the land jurisdiction can now begin enforcement of the actual Law and the County Courts can inform the U.S. District Courts that American Common Law Courts are up and running in the Federal Postal Districts and their “services” are no longer needed per Milligan Ex Parte.
Fourth, now that you have declared your proper political status and have your county governments back up and running as unincorporated associations of free people, you are in position to gather the counties and sponsor state elections and fill the vacant state offices, too.

Fifth, you are now in a position to select trustworthy Deputies (accountable Fiduciary Officers, not “Representatives”) to represent your unincorporated States of America at a true Continental Congress (not a “United States Congress” which is supposed to deal only with international affairs related to providing nineteen enumerated services) and take care of long overdue business—such as officially recognizing and enrolling the western states of the Union and settling their land assets in their possession. This hasn’t been done because although they are owed the state compacts and are treated “as” states, no actual Congress having the power to enroll these new states has been seated since 1860. Their land assets have remained in limbo, as public trust property controlled by the UNITED STATES and federal STATES.

All this may seem overwhelming at first, but consider this--- you are the heirs of the Republic. It has come down to you the same way you might inherit a house. It’s yours now. You are the ones responsible for fixing it up, remodeling it, defining it, building it, and making it fit to live in again. You don’t have to worry about violating archaic laws or agonize over what is passed and gone. Spend your energy now on creating a new vision for an America that is at peace, prosperous, and free of British meddling at last.


i love america

This is my country. I was born here. There's not a day that goes by that I don't thank God Almighty for that fact. Studying American History, attending Veteran's and Memorial Day Parades, and getting to see the Blue Angels zoom overhead in formation were some of the great moments of youth that made my heart swell with pride. That spirit still dwells in me today.

And, it is not an arrogant spirit, nor boastful or bullying. It is a pride that comes from understanding exactly what freedom is, and the high price paid for it by so many before me. It is that pride that rises up today when, seeing my country nowObama's Make-Believe Life infested with radical insurgents in key power positions including the very office of President, I can still know in my soul that the goodness of our experiment in freedom, of our republic, will stand the test of the current tribulations. Nill illigitimi carborundum!

The progressives (who are largely closet America haters) have tried to lead this nation into global submission almost from the beginning. There were plenty of loyalists still wanting to kiss the arse of King George III because it was in their nature to be ruled, and to willingly submit to dependence upon royalty. It is my opinion that their progeny are those running the popular media outlets today, and the royal arse they're kissing is now the elite sitting in Washington, DC.

From the beggining, central bankers have held sway over the American politician accomplishing their selling out of our sovereignty when their job was instead to ensure the protection of same. But, as Jefferson said, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure." It is both saddening and exciting to know our country rapidly approaches the season of fertilization. Saddening, because the need exists to wrest our country back from the fiends now controlling her. Exciting, because the same blood that boiled in the veins of those revolutionaries who crafted the Declaration of Independence is now rising again in We, The People!

I encourage all who love America to put aside party labels, and all of the other polarizing distractions the politicians and their puppet mouthpieces in the media thrust on us daily. Instead, revisit the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers. Educate yourself on the truth of our great nation, because there will be many tests. A good starting point is remembering the difference between a democracy and a republic.

Another moment from my youth recalls the birth of the phrase, "America. Love it, or Leave it". You can look in any major city and see the tell-tale signs that those who hate America never left. On the contrary, they've stayed and worked hard these many decades to tear her, and her people down. Although they've had many measures of success with their incremental changes in culture, laws, and the decimation of our most venerable institutions, they still have not succeeded in taking her down. And, now that a rapidly growing majority of America Lovers are waking to the insidious enemy within, their carefully laid plans spanning more than mere decades will crash and burn.

I promise and swear my life on it.

God Bless America!

Mark Stanton
February 16, 2010

"I cannot tell you how long this road shall be, but fear not the obstacles in your path, for fate has vouchsafed your reward. Though the road may wind, yea, your hearts grow weary, still shall ye follow them, even unto your salvation."

The Second american revolution begins

If this message resonates with you, get active in your local community and start the Revolution back to Sanity. To see more from this modern day Patriot and his Common Sense messages lost by our bought-and-paid-for media, just click here.

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DANIEL HANNAN - conservative mep

Everything Mr. Hannan speaks to while addressing Gordon Brown are the same complaints we have against our bloated, conniving government. Except for the accent one might think this was an upright American addressing one of the many elitist, career politicians in Washington, DC. This is an epidemic that spans all nations.

Mark Stanton
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